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Experience Preschool Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that supports your child’s rapidly growing curiosity. 

As your child participates in this nationally recognized program, she will:
• Build friendship skills and learn to how to express her feelings.
• Have access to specialized books, science tools, art materials, games and math manipulatives to encourage problem-solving and creative thinking.
• Engage in daily routines and activities that support brain development while also building the self-regulation and attention span needed for long-term school success.

Hands-on Learning Through Play
Your child’s teacher will use books, puppets, music, blocks, puzzles and manipulatives to inspire a love of learning. While
your child plays, she will naturally build 35 foundational skills. These skills are interwoven within 7 developmental domains:
• social-emotional
• physical
• language and literacy
• math
• science
• social studies
• creative development

Individualized Play and Learning for Continued Growth
As your child develops, the Experience Preschool Curriculum helps the teacher individualize the experiences and increase the challenges so that your child is constantly learning at his unique pace. Your teacher will follow your child’s progress with an embedded assessment tool. Your child’s teacher participates in monthly professional development and receives a new Experience Preschool teaching kit each month to ensure that your child benefits from the latest teaching methods and the highest quality tools for hands-on learning. Your child’s brain doubles in size during his first year of life and is at 90% of its adult size by age 5. Research has shown that the quality of a child’s experiences in the first few years significantly shapes how their brains develop into adulthood.
Experience Preschool Curriculum is designed to support you and the teacher to embrace your child’s natural sense of wonder and help him reach his unique potential as he discovers our diverse and beautiful world.

3 - Day Preschool AM/PM Classes

Ages 3-5 years

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

AM Classes 8:45am – 11:15am

PM Classes  12pm – 2:45pm


2 - Day
Preschool AM/PM Classes

Ages 3-5 years

Tuesday & Thursday

AM Classes  8:45am – 11:15am

PM Classes 12pm – 2:45pm


Add- Ons

Lunch Group $5 per day


$5 per day


Every Tuesday/Wednesday   (same day as enrolled class)



$ 75/month

Registration Fee


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